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HEALTH This mythical fruit is sweet and delicious and even better new, it has many health benefits. We take a look at the immense virtues of the pomegranate.
TRADITION September 22nd there will be almost two thousand Jewish pilgrims from around the world flocking to Essaouira to pay tribute to one of their saints, Rabbi Haim Pinto. The history strongly binds Essaouira and the Jewish community. As a result, find a small piece of this cultural heritage in the city...
For those who care about the environment, or the products they use in their everyday lives, Made in Medina has a list of the environmentally friendly addresses in town. Whether you’re looking for a breathe of fresh air or to dine organically!
whether you want a continental breakfast or a traditional Moroccan breakfast, Made In Essaouira takes your through the best spots in the city to fill up and start your day right.
A GOOD PLAN Essaouira combines the advantages of a lively tourist town perfect for a relaxing family holiday, a sports destination and a cultural centre.
Our selection of the top 7 best places for a face-to-face dinner in Essaouira, with tasty food and romantic atmosphere...
DISCOVER For fans of traditional markets, the region of Essaouira offers opportunities daily, to go to one of the many souks within a few miles of the city. A hub for social life, these souks spark curiousity in tourists, filled with shopping and much more. We take a tour!
PRACTICAL Thinking about the environment without trading on our personal style and fashion, designers and artisans in Essaouira offer a wide variety of shopping baskets, bags and wallets that are non-disposable and useful in all circumstances. We show you the best places to find one.
SWEET HOME More than a year after its opening in Essaouira, the swiss owners of Riad Perle d'Eau have created a cozy house that has already proven itself and its place in the medina. Customers can testify to this, the guestbook is filled, opened in late 2011, this new address is the place to be
For those with a love of the waves or the wind, you’ll want to check out Made in Medina’s list of best places to satisfy your need for an adreneline rush. A sensational moment on the water filled with intense pleasure that we keep coming back for.
Looking for a beautiful place to enjoy breakfast or have a drink in Essaouira? We show you some of the best terraces in the city, where you can spend hours relaxing in the pleasant weather...
HISTORY Today Essaouira is a small port city, popular with tourists and known for its fresh seafood. Yet trace the history of this Mogador city back and you'll find a different place. When the Romans came to town, they had other interests in Essaouira. And they weren't the same interests as vacationers have today.

CINEMA Directed by Orson Welles (1915-1985), Othello has many roots. The tragedy was written by Shakespeare, the film was directed by an American, with certain scenes shot in Morocco over the course of two years.
GONE WITH THE WIND People from Essaouira know it, the sail season here, it’s all year long ! However, at springs and summer , the Alizés (the famous local wind) are blowing more regularly. So, between kitesurfing and windsurfing, you have to choose the sail, the way to be proficient, the season, the good day, the equipment, the place but...
BIO Organic oils of the Estate Villa Essaouira, certified organic production in the region Chiadma, are the official winners of the International Exhibition of Agriculture of Meknes. In winning the prize for the best extra virgin olive oil, Abderrahim Ezzaher can see the reward for 10 years of hard work and passion. Here i...
If you like to stay in style, if you prefer your weekend getaway to include some luxury, Made in Medina has a list for you. Restaurants, spas, activities, everything you need for your weekend getaway in Essaouira.

The charming Dar Madada is close to the central activity, yet provides a hushed and com...
What would a trip to Essaouira be without a taste of the best of the ocean. And the restaurants here sure know how to serve it up! Get your appetite ready for a fresh feast of sea bream, shrimp, sea urchins, oysters. Everything you love. And Made in Medina is here to show you the best restaurants to check out.

New in Essaouira

Kazen Garden

The Guest House Kazen Garden is dedicated to wellness among Argan trees near Essaouira. All meals are prepared with natural and local products. You can book there for theme stays (meditation, pilates, nutrition, tai chi...) and discover local activities ad people during your stay.

Boutique Boheme of Morocco

In this little shop of Essaouira Kasbah, Leah uses her inspiration and local handcraft to create beautiful things like pillows, chairs or lights and diverted objects.

Salut Maroc Boutique Hôtel

A colorful and arty place in Essaouira, probably the most creative read in of the city, Salut Maroc has 11 rooms with sea view all decorated with the taste of the british designer Helen Howat, and inspired by a cities if Morocco. Very...

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