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A Chef of the Sofitel Essaouira selected for the Bocuse d’Or in Morocco

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

GASTRONOMY ‘Bocuse d’Or’ is an International Championship of gastronomy, created by the great chef, Paul Bocuse, in 1987. For the first time Moroccan cuisine is in the spotlight and the head chef of the Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa, has been selected for the first stage of the competition in Morocco.

 The Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa and it’s head chef, Abdelhakim Zaiza, were selected to compete at the Bocuse d’Or, Morocco, on the 26th and 27th of May.

The Bocuse d’Or Championship of gastronomy and haute cuisine is held every two years in Lyon, the birthplace of its creator, Chef Paul Bocuse. Since 1987, the worlds greatest chefs have competed in this culinary competition and for the first time Moroccan cuisine will be featured at the upcoming final. The Chefs and their assistants have exactly 5 hrs and 15mins to plate and serve a meat dish and one fish dish, with accompaniments, for ten people.

The Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa has the proud honor and privilege of having one of it’s own, selected from the 12 best chefs, competing in the Moroccan Bocuse d’Or. The Chef, Abdelhakim Zaizi, will proudly represent the colours of his country and try to win the first stage to compete for the finals in Lyon, alongside the world’s greatest Chefs.

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