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A shopping session in Essaouira

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

WALK Like an open-air shopping centre, the long pedestrian street with its he incessant hubbub that runs through the medina from east to west allows to get provided in nearly everything, from the early morning until the late evening. Made in Essaouira offers you an initiatory ride among traditional souks and today’s shops.

Targeting Bab Doukkala (northwest door of the city), from the Place de l'Horloge we follow the successive avenues Al Istiqklal and Mohamed Zerktouni, leaving a little bit more the part of Essaouira tourism-oriented to join the authenticity of local markets. No shopping cart, but one or two solid baskets will suit you well to go shopping in Essaouira.

After the pottery and wicker shops, leather shops and bazaars (kingdoms of plastic) is a blue sign bearing the insignia of the fibula and the hand of Fatima that shows us the jewellers bazaar. Indoor market with many windows and fully tiled walls (and therefore typically from Essaouira), there is a wide selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, hand crafted in silver for the most of them. From there you can reach a part of the avenue dedicated to fabrics, clothes and slippers. Here you’ll find easily a coloured harem pants, some embroidered curtains, or even the authentic djellaba for all sizes and all seasons.

Lunch at the port

At this stage of the ride, we would recommend a stop at the Place du Marché aux Grains. Recognizable among all with its pebbles pavement, this place is ideal for a break on a terrace in one of its cafés. Under the arcades, and still about shopping, you will find something to inspire some gifts and decorum with few nice shops that revisit the Moroccan crafts and ethnic modern version.

It is now time to think about the set menu, with the essential food part of this ​​city tour. The essential of Essaouira on the subject is its fish market. Adjoining the spices and herbalists souk, this place is a true concentrate of smells and colours, ie the base of a successful tagine. The "really good idea" for lunch: a one way trip from the stall to the plate for your favourite fish baked in the restaurant located right behind the displays. There, Essaouira families and some advised tourists feast of grilled and fried fishes served with salads and chips, olives and breads.
Tastings made, as in Morocco everything ends on a sweet note, among a few dates and a handful dried figs, we will not fail the famous "Kaak" of Essaouira. Made by women in each district, you’ll find those wheel-shaped biscuits in almost any grocery store. There’ll give some energy to go down the avenue, basket and belly full.