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Argan : The green gold of Essaouira

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

TAWURI WARGAN From 7th to 10th November, the festival of Tamanar, in the Capital Haha, south of Essaouira, is where argan is in the spotlight. This UNESCO site is celebrated for its agricultural heritage, Made in Essaouira has an exclusive look in...

The argan tree, its fruit and its oil has created an economic boon for the region of Essaouira and for good reason too; 70,000 tons of fruit and 2,000 tons of oil is harvested and produced per year. A jewel for several thousand people, this is a united interested for not just Essaouira but all of Morocco, as oil is exported on a daily basis. 

The festival Tamanar in the capital Haha, south of the region of Essaouira, has chosen  to honour the 2013 argan, under the theme "The Argan: Cultural Development and the Environment', which addresses growing awareness on international issues that undoubtedly weigh in the economic balance of the region. With a turnover exceeding 50 million Dh per year, the province of Essaouira produces Argan oil with dozens of women's cooperatives, using traditional methods rooted in the Berber heritage. Culture and agriculture, Amazigh in particular, are in fact closely linked in the production of argan nuts, building even lives of hundreds of women and their families. 

This is also why the culture of the argan tree is also in the interest of UNESCO, a contender as intangible heritage of humanity. Discover the website of the United Nations Educational cientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and see the movie "Tawuri Wargan", directed by Soufiane Bouhali. It is devoted to the practice and know-how related to argan methods and artisanal production methods. 

Text Alice Joundi

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR