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Autumn of Gulf in Essaouira

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

GREEN This is the period most popular in Essaouira, for its residents and visitors, a time of great activity both in the water and on the greens

The golfers come from afar and nearby, ready to test the 18 hole golf courses of Essaoira. A golfer typically hates the wind, heat waves and avoids the rain, so Autumn is the perfect golfing season in this city. 

The Essaouira Mogador Golf is in a luxurious setting and offers the perfect place to practice sports and relax. The establishment offers discounts to residents and children, and young local talent are sometimes entirely sponsored with combined accommodation and all inclusive fares. It is now the golf sporting partner of Essaouira in all seasons. 

This is the right time to take your golfing cart down to the greens. Until 21st December, Ksar Douars has introduced a special offer to its customers. Golfers are offered 25% of on rooms, and 10 to 14% discount on Green Fee. 

Time to get yourself to the greens of Essaouira Mogador. 

Text Alice Joundi

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR