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Essaouira : in solidarity with our associations

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

HELP Bringing their efforts and skills to the community, assos are a self-help network who can sometimes be overlooked. Inventive and structured, some of these associations offer many services and products in Essaouira, sold to benefit the education and and employability of the poor.

Sometimes we don't always know the people behind the label, but now we can see the determination and hope of associations who try to innovate with theit skills and process. Leaders and association members actively participate in local human development and encourage a balance in our society, here are some good ideas in Essaouira, where you can be smart and help associations...

AFBK: your home services

Launched more than 15 years ago, for the employment of women in Essaouira, the association Féminine de Bienfaisance El Khir (AFBK)  trains women and offers an interim service that connects employers to potential employees. If you need short-term or long-term help, the association provides services such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, grocery shopping and pet-sitting. Employees are insured by the association in regards to compensation and recruitment, guaranteeing the available services offered, from A to Z. 

Project 91: Deco thrift shopping and humanitarian aid

Based in Chbanat Street, the Project 91 sells weavings and carpets made by women in Essaouira, as well as second-hand clothes. Visitors can drop off clothes they no longer use, that are then sold at minimal proces. Proceeds are used for the hiring and training of youth, helping families to educate their children and offering free language classes. This is a charity shop with a difference in the city. 

UNEPAM: traveling for a good cause
" Unite our Efforts For a Better Future", the title of UNEPAM Association speaks volumes to the city. Women have given their time to establish an association to provide academic support to the most disadvantaged children in the city and allow unemployed teachers to work within this framework. To financially support their actions, UNEPAM organizes different events such as tours in the desert to explore the Draa Valley and beyond, the Chegaga dunes and other Berber vilages in Taroudant. Information and prices can be checked with thr association. 

Essaouira's associations stand in solidarity, offering opportuinities to contribute to the development of the city and to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants. 

There are many more associations in the city, including the Darna Orphanage, The Heart Association of Friendship for the children of Essaouira, Association Bayti for street children and Frennch Association for mutual aid and solidarity and of course the Essaouira Mogador Association for preservation of culture in the city. 

Text Alice Joundi

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR