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"Layali Ramadan" in Dar Souiri a festive month in Essaouira


MEETING The month of Ramadan is an opportunity to get together with friends and family, spend soem quality time together and communicate. Essaouira-Mogador Association celebrates this year with 'Ramadan Nights', consisting of cultural and spiritual meetings in Dar Souiri. The program includes concerts, film screenings, lectures and more until 6th August.

The Essaouira-Mogador Association, partners of the largest event in the city for an intiative that presents a busy month of programs and cultural and spiritual evenings entitled 'Layali Ramadan'. The Nights of Ramadan start on 13th July until 6th August with concerts, film screenings, meetings, etc..Visit Dar Souiri to attend. 

To discover the details of programming Ramadan Nights: go therefore in our agenda.

Fun and learning for children and adults

As usual, the association and Dar Souiri promise you beautiful evenings with songs and live Gnawa music, new films, documentaries about Essaouira in black and white and meetings on fasting, health, astrology and even sufism. In short something for everyone! All these events are free, within the limits of available spaces, another good reason to visit. 

Text Anaïs Mouchel

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Alice Joundi