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Never without my shopping basket in Essaouira

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

PRACTICAL Thinking about the environment without trading on our personal style and fashion, designers and artisans in Essaouira offer a wide variety of shopping baskets, bags and wallets that are non-disposable and useful in all circumstances. We show you the best places to find one.

A shopping basket is great for every season and is also good for the environment. The war on plastic bags is on in Essaouira and other parts of the region, as more people take part in environmental activism and turn away from excess packaging. The basket is good for all manners of shopping, from carrying your groceries to using it as a beach bag, go ahead and find one now. 


Before there was plastic wicker  baskets and kraft paper used for packaging, but woven baskets come with a certain charm and are reminiscent of sunny countrysides, not to mention their timeless style. Just across the medina, you can find lots of pretty variations, made from real fibre that is strong and 100% biodegradable. Located near the fish souk, there is a very good choice of baskets on offer. as well as on Central Avenue Istiqlal, opposite the entrance of the souk of jewelry, priced between 20 to 100 dirhams. 


Baskets made of recycled materials are also available, baskets that are braided are also available, a favourite of fishermen in Essaouira for its strength and resistance to all weather. You can find them close to Bab Doukkala on Istiqlal Avenue, from 50 to 100 dirhams. 


A few years ago the wicker basket was an inspiration for artists and designers. In Essaouira, Abbes Tahay has quietly earned himself a reputation for baksets with handstitched leather inserts. Other unique and durable creations are also available, and more modern styles with floral prints and tassels. You can find a good variety in Abbes, Poupa Litza, Histoire des Filles, Taros boutique, from 80 to 250 dirhams. 

Text and Photo Alice Joundi

Tranlslation Karen Athwal