"Nocturnes" In Essaouira

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

INTERVIEW On the event of the photo exhibition being presented at Bastion Bab Marrakech by the delegation of the Ministry of Culture of Essaouira, we interviewed three of the five photographers showing their. They share with us their photographic journey and the challenges of a young passionate artist residing in Essaouira...

A theme (night), a city (ours), five photographers (souiris): this is what makes up the exhibition 'Nocturnes' at Borj Bab Marrakech this November. We meet Siham Machrouh, Soufiane Bouhali and Mohammed Aknaik for a guided tour of the exhibition  ( and a little photography course) . Whta do they all have in common? They participated in photo training in Essaouira organized by a teacher of a large photography arts school. 

Each approach, each his visions

Siham Machrouh, former athlete and student of tourism, has been part of the photo club for two years. She draws her inspiration directly from her city, especially in the night and uses geometric shapes. 

Soufiane Bouhali, video artists, is passionate about images. Using high-technology, this artist likes to test all points of view and see every angle of the night. His view of the sleepy city skyline in particular stands out as a glittery and timeless view of Essaouira. 

Mohammed Aknaik finally presents his artistic photographic works for which he works on as well as guidance development. He captures light reflections perfectly. Meanwhile, this is not Houcine Baladi's first exhibition in Essaouira. Encouraged by family and friends since childhood, this former street kid became fixated with aesthetics and everyday scenes that make the city. 

The work of Said Benhamida is very decorative and intense, the viewer crosses between reality and illusion. 

Being a photographer in Essaouira

To conclude this interview, the photographers make it clear that it is time to shine the light on the art of photography in Essaouira. From young Moroccans, locals and internationals, the limits of art are tested. The internet, a wealth of knowledge, is a tool that helps to advance art. 

These photographers look beyong their goals and have yet to finish revealing every part of this incredible city. 

Text and Photo Alice Joundi

Translation Karen Athwal