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Province of Essaouira drinking water in our villages

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

SANITATION 50 million dirhams will be allocated to the implementation of a drinking water supply in villages in the rural areas of Essaouira. This new plan will improve the living conditions for thousands of people, the health and economical impact as well could be significant for the region.

In the province of Essaouira, most small villages receive water from large drinking water trucks that deliver reserves. This situation will soon be ending for some, on 20th August the governor of the province of Essaouira, Abdelouahab El Jabri, announced a budget of nearly 50 million dirhams that will be allocated to supply drinking warer in Sidi Ishak and Akermoud, as well as neighboring douars. 

The program for this project, implemented in the context of improving the access the rural population has to safe drinking water , with the collaboration of the National Initiative for Human Development, plans to create pumping stations, reservoirs and 78 stand pipes for people in Akermoud and Sidi Ishak, but also the water supply douars attached to the town of Moulay Bouzerktoun. 

The launch of this project confirms the management policy of the water renewal system and could create a significant impact on the region of Essaouira and it's people. 

Text Alice Joundi

Translation Karen Athwal