Seeing multiple at Sofitel Hotel

ART Locals know that Essaouira is more than a city, it's a lifestyle. For love or admiration, painters and artists worldwide flock here for Souirri inspiration. And who better than a regional native knows how to flirt with this muse dressed in a blue? In this exhibit, it's not just one, but four.

They're like the Three Muskateers, but instead of muskets, they're brushes. Noureddine Alioua, Abdelmalik Berhiss and Mohamed Zouzafsont. All three are painters, and all three are from Essaouira. In this epic tale their Dartagnan, the fourth muskateer, is Renzo Lulli, a sculptor originally from Fauglia, Italy. Their common thread: it's not just about art, they love the beat of Essaouira. And now they are presenting their works in a group show, Visions Multiples.

Each one has a story

Sofitel Essaouira Medina & Spa will host the show which takes place from February 12 - 19, 2011. In its pleasant setting, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the hotel opens its doors to lovers in the mood for a bit of poetry this Valentine's Day.

While they do not have the same life, nor the same style, but they share the same inspiration - Essaouira. Noureddine Alioua is an art teacher and painter. Former farm worker and recognized by the Academic of Arts, Abdelmalik Berhiss will showcase his latest mosaics. Self-taught and fascinated by signs and symbols, Mohamed Zouzaf's art is dedicated to his Berber background and Souirri origins. Living in Essaouira since 1997, Renzo Lulli's devotion and dedication are evident in the wooden sculptures he creates.

Each artist has his own story. Each one brings his past and dreams for his future. But they'll all be living in the present when they open the exhibit doors to the public.