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The Bodyboard Road Trip en route to Essaouira!

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

WATER SPORT This is a first for Morocco, nearly 3,000 km of coastline will be covered this December by four enthusiasts of bodyboarding, from Tangier to Lagouira. Three champions and a photographer will offer 15 schools surf lessons, free boarding and environmental awareness activities based on dialogue. They will stop in Essaouira on 18th December.

On board their 4x4, their motivtaion is obvious as they will soon meet their challenge of of bodyboarding on behalf of a future sport and a great project. 

Throughout the Bodyboard Road Trip, lasting approximately 1 month, the five-time champion of Morocco. Adnan Benslimane, the current champion of Morocco, Anas Haddar nad Zineb Tebai (who is also behind the project and 3rd nationally ranked in 2013), will be accompanied by the photographer and director Damir Hicham. Throughout their journey, the various shots will make a documentary film about bodyboarding in Morocco. A sport that is welcomed with genuine enthusiasm and further made popular by champions who proudly wear the colours of Morocco in International competitions. 

Meet the United cities

This project will provide an opportunity to meet and interact with local youth to discover and share traditions and ambitions. The objective of this undisguised surf trip to the national level is also to raise awareness of environmental pressures on the ocean and the Moroccan coast.

A sporting challenge to develop a sport and his state of mind

The three top athletes will explore the potential of Morocco in terms of surfing, but also transmit their knowledge to the youth of Morocco. With free initiations for children, they will highlight and share their knowledge of the natural environment , learn to respect and understand before addressing specific technical bodyboarding. 

From 16th to 18th December in Essaouira

The city will receive a visit from the team, who will be going around the city on the 16th December. To register for free surf lessons inquire directly with the local partner YouSurf school. Initiation will be held on 18th December. 

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Text Alice Joundi

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo Bodyboard Road Trip