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The Marsatac Festival stopped in Essaouira Mixatac # 2

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

LIVE FROM MARS For it's 15th edition, from the 19th to 29th September, the festival of electronic music Marsatac tracks a musical journey between Marseille, Beirut, Bamako and Essaouira. In tribute to the 'unique alchemy' of Mogador, a reunion happened on stage between electro-rock trio from Marseille Nasser, the Gnawa Maalem Hassan Boussou and Marrakchi rapper Komy.

On a Sunday evening in Marseille, when the round up was announced for a musical fusion in Essaouira, the first of its kind in 15 years. 

Everything started with the Project Mix Up Morocco, bringing the group Nasser (Marseille), the Gnawa Maalem Hassan Boussou (Casablanca) and rapper Komy (Marrakech), together. The combination of these talents has resulted in a flamboyant mixatac, the result of many weeks and months of collaboration that has produced 'Essaouira Mixatac 2'. In the contents you will find: rock, ancient sounds, powerful rap and more. 

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Text Alice Joundi

Translation Karen Athwal

Photos Mixatac