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The Region of Essaouira : A day in a souk

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

DISCOVER For fans of traditional markets, the region of Essaouira offers opportunities daily, to go to one of the many souks within a few miles of the city. A hub for social life, these souks spark curiousity in tourists, filled with shopping and much more. We take a tour!

Despite a lifestyle change in Morocco, some traditions still prevail, the Souks. The day of the souk is one of particular importance, as is tradition, the souk is held in a different village each day of the week. The souk is filled with vendors selling produce and provides an opportunity to speak with the locals, share the latest news, from early morning to early afternoon. The souks are the center of economic and social life for the villagers. 

Visitors and tourists get to experience the special day when the old markets come to town, a lasting memory for all. There is furniture, fruits, vegetables, livestock, sweets, clothes and accessories, kitchenware, bedding and toys. A true festival of colours that are well worth the trip. 

The agenda of the souks
Here's a quick overview of the rural souks of the Essaouira region, to get to the right market at the right place:

Monday - Tafetachte, on the route de Marrakech, 54km

Tuesday - El Hanchane, on the route de Marrakech, 37km

Wednesday - Ida Ougourd, on the route d'Agadir, fifteen kilometers

Thursday - Meskala, on the route de Marrakech, 50km

Friday - Sidi Ishak, on the route de Safi, 62km

Saturday - Akermoud, on the route de Casablanca, after Had Drâa, about thirty kilometers - Kouraimate, on the route de Marrakech, 53km

SundayHad Drâa, on the route de Casablanca, 29km - Smimou, on the route d'Agadir, 39km to Essaouira

Our tip: Do not leave home without one or two good solid baskets and lots of change, It is possible to find a large taxi for 6 people at a variable price depending on the destination. 

Text Anaïs Mouchel and Alice Joundi

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR