The Soul of Mogador: Brilliant talent in Essaouira

Per: Alice JOUNDI  

EVENT For its second edition, the festival 'The soul of Mogador' put on a show that was very well received by the audience of Essaouira. Navigating between poetry, theatre and music, 'The Soul of Mogador" is a great initiative that has seen great success, especially in regards to the guests that included Abderrahim Souri, Imane El Wadi and Omaima Khalil.

The Soul of Mogador taking place on the 29th to 31st August, managed beautifully reflect the art scene in Essaouira. 

The Muncipality in Essaouira, Moroccan Culture and Arts Antiques, the Ministry of Culture and Essaouira Mogador Association Center have partnered to host local artists and guests who came to celebrate the festival in the prescence of a large audience. This popular festival in tribute to the diversity of talents in Essaouira, presented musicians, writers and a production by the Cine-Theatre Othello Association of Essaouira and "Art and Media", which ultimately took centre stage for culture and diversity rooted in local traditions. 

Abderrahim Souiri is at home here

On Friday 30th August, the atmosphere broke records as the crowds welcomed Abderrahim souiri. The internationally renowned singer stunned the crowds in the city of his birth , his song "Radiant Light of Essaouira doors" was performed in front of the crowd and proved to be a hit. The son of a muezzin, Abderrahim Souiri demonstrated yet again how wonderfully he plays music . 

The beauty of the female voice for the final evening

Before an audience of families and children, the Moroccan singer Imane El Wadi stood in front of the crowd in traditional dress, accomapnied by musicians and percussionists. Omaima Khalil preceeded the international star with refined jazz music and an orchestra. The Lebanese artist stood elegantly in the Place Moulay Hassan as she sang late into the night. With a flag of Palestine around her neck Omaima Khalil also did a poetry reading. 

Once again this festival has proven a hit, bringing together the great talents of Essaouira. 

Text and Photo Alice Joundi

Translation Karen Athwal