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What's the Assesment of tourism in Essaouira?


TOURISM At the national level, tourism is on the rise compared to the same period last year. While two new airlines are now flying to the airport Essaouira-Mogador, what's the conclusion of the first six months of the year in Essaouira? Numbers are looking positive.

New airlines have decided to fly to the airport of Essaouira in the last few months and they have not been wrong to focus their attention on the city. While the National Tourism Observatory confirms recovery at the national level with an occupancy rate of 42% for the first five months of the year, Essaouira has doubled this figure in 2013, with the number of overnight stays compared to 2012, making the mogador more attractive and more accessible. 

What is the increase?

While the city had 48 establishments with 2720 beds in 2009, in 2013 the capacity was doubled. Today there are 131 establishments classified in all categories and 5513 beds. Since March 2013, the airport of the city has seen a rise in business. In addition the weekly flights to Paris on Royal Air Maroc to Essaouira, new companies such as Ryanair and Transavia are also now flying to the city, originally intended for the summer season, Transavia decided to extend their flights between Paris an Essaouira during the winter season. Good news for the tourism industry but especially for those who love Essaouira. 

Text Anais Mouchel

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR