• Bakerie
  • Chocolate shop
  • Tea Room
Patachou is a bakery and patisserie, products are made according to French tradition. There is also a variety of bread on offer.

La Maison Gourmande

  • Bakerie
  • Caterer
  • Snack
La Maison Gourmande is a tea salon, a bakery, a pastry and a caterer. The card, rich and varied, proposes breakfasts and gourmet breaks, petit fours and sandwiches, breads tradition, crêpes, croissants and similar products, sweets and cakes, macaroon...

Patisserie Azul

  • Bakerie
Patisserie Azul offers classic desserts and pastries and a variety of breads. Cakes can also be made to order for special events and celebrations.

Chez Miloud

  • Bakerie
Chez Miloud is a well known address in Essaouira for their msemen (Moroccan pancakes), customers crowd in at all times for a take-away or to eat on the spot. Pancakes are served simply with honey or butter and some mint tea.

Patisserie Ossous

  • Bakerie
Patisserie Ossous offers a wide selection pf pastries, cakes and Moroccan sweets.

Patisserie L'Amande

  • Bakerie
This patisserie offers Moroccan cakes, breads and sweets.

Patisserie Kaoutar

  • Bakerie
This patisserie offers Moroccan desserts, pastries and pancakes.

Patisserie El Karam

  • Bakerie
Located in thetourist centre of the city, this patisserie offers a selection of Moroccan cakes and pastries, sold by the weight. Fresh dairy products are also available.

Patisserie El Attarine

  • Bakerie
Patisserie El Attarine offers a variety of breads, cakes and filled croissants.

Patisserie Echabab

  • Bakerie
A patisserie that offers a selection of Moroccan dessert and pastries.

Patisserie Chez Driss

  • Bakerie
  • Moroccan pastry
Created in 1928 by the Maalem Driss, Chez Driss is one of oldest patisseries of the city. There is a choice of delicious pastries, viennese pastries, breads and drinks. There is also a shaded patio to sit on, decorated with hundreds of old photos.