Librairie - Papeterie Charif El Idrissi

  • Bookstore
One of the oldest libraries of Essaouira, there are all kinds of books and novels available here.

Petit Bouquiniste

  • Bookstore
Micro boutique which takes between two doors and includes a yet amazing amount of second hand books. Old books, beautiful editions, pockets and magazines, and in several languages (English, French, Arabic, German, etc. what find a little book to not...

Le Bibliophile

  • Bookstore
Owner Mohamed, lover of old books, postcards and vinyls, sells classic literary books.

Librairie La Fibule

  • Bookstore
La Fibule is a shop for postcards, cooking books, guide books and Moroccan and international literature.

Galerie Aida

  • Art gallery
  • Bookstore
  • Painting
Galerie Aida specializes in beautiful Berber jewelry, carefully collected across Morocco. Unusual pieces of different shapes and colours can be found here.