Boutique Boheme of Morocco

  • House furniture
  • Linen
  • Wood
In this little shop of Essaouira Kasbah, Leah uses her inspiration and local handcraft to create beautiful things like pillows, chairs or lights and diverted objects.

Caverne d'Ali Baba

  • Antique store
  • Sculpture
  • Wood
Caverne d'Ali Baba offers beautiful authentic objects.


  • Antique store
  • Ceramic
  • Wrought iron
The Caravanserai offers a selection of pottery, carpets, furniture, sculptures and jewelry.

Bazar Mehdi

  • Carpets
Bazar Mehdi specializes in antique carpets and tribal rugs, Mustapha, a specialist, will be able to tell customers the specifics of weaving in every region in Morocco.

Aux Merveilles de l'Artisanat Marocain

  • Bazaar
  • Leather and maroquinerie
  • Carpets
This shop specializes in local crafts and a large selection of carpets of all sizes, blankets and furniture coverings.