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Constantly looking for new talent to expand the team, Made in Essaouira makes recruitment a priority, with one goal : To maintain the leadership position of the first cityguide in the city.

Commercial -Marketing

Directly related to management and the driver behind the growth of the portal, the commercial/marketing team consists of a 100% dynamic team responsible for advising clients and selling advertising space.

You should come from a business school background or other commercial training/marketing experience, with experience of at least 2 years in a similar position.

Having excellent presentation, speech and command of French and English language, as well as knowledge of the web is a must.

Are you dynamic and determined ? Enjoy working in customer service and business development ?

This may be the right challenge for you !

Send your CV and a cover letter to : [email protected]


The first factor in the success of a website, the editorial department is responsible for the quality of all online content.

Excellent command of the French language and a master of words, your mission is to meet the requirements of search engines.

You should be a curious and accomplished journalist with a real love of the land.

If you have good knowledge of the web and can write easy and readable text ,you are THE editor we seek!

Send your CV and cover letter to : [email protected]


The design is the most important part of the website, visually. This is why we demand absolute quality.

Linked directly with general management, you will be responsible for web designs (banners, publicity..) but also support internal communication (flyers, visuals..).

A graduate of graphics school with experience of at least one year in a similar company or as a freelancer, you will control the computer graphics software and web design.

Are you rigorous and creative with an eye for detail ?

Join our team !

Send your CV and cover letter to : [email protected]

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