Restaurant Villa Maroc

Restaurant Villa Maroc

The restaurant Villa Maroc offers gourmet Moroccan cuisine, original creations and traditional cuisine are harmoniously combined, the menu is for a fixed price of 200dhs. The restaurant is also the subject of a book 'Villa Maroc Food', by chef Cornelia.

Owner's word
The Villa Morocco cooking, creative and delicious, proposes rifaned dishes, in souiris accents, with the products of this region where the fish and the argan oil compose a symphony in the perfect agreements.
To offer to our customers the originality, the comfort and the well-being, lounges restaurants replaced the big impersonal room.
The dinners are served in independent sitting rooms, but communicating between them by breakthroughs, niches, to protect the intimacy of each without isolating the hosts.

200 Dhs

Restaurant Villa Maroc 10, rue Abdellah Ben Yassine, 44000 - Essaouira Voir sur Google Maps

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