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TRADITION September 22nd there will be almost two thousand Jewish pilgrims from around the world flocking to Essaouira to pay tribute to one of their saints, Rabbi Haim Pinto. The history strongly binds Essaouira and the Jewish community. As a result, find a small piece of this cultural heritage in the city...
A GOOD PLAN Essaouira combines the advantages of a lively tourist town perfect for a relaxing family holiday, a sports destination and a cultural centre.
DISCOVER For fans of traditional markets, the region of Essaouira offers opportunities daily, to go to one of the many souks within a few miles of the city. A hub for social life, these souks spark curiousity in tourists, filled with shopping and much more. We take a tour!
HISTORY Today Essaouira is a small port city, popular with tourists and known for its fresh seafood. Yet trace the history of this Mogador city back and you'll find a different place. When the Romans came to town, they had other interests in Essaouira. And they weren't the same interests as vacationers have today.

CINEMA Directed by Orson Welles (1915-1985), Othello has many roots. The tragedy was written by Shakespeare, the film was directed by an American, with certain scenes shot in Morocco over the course of two years.


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L’ennui et la routine ne feront pas partie de votre quotidien grâce à notre sélection des nouvelles adresses et ouvertures à Essaouira !

Pullman Company

The Pullman Company operates buses from Essaouira to Casablanca, Safi and Agadir. For 91dh passengers can travel from Essaouira to Casablanca, 31dh for Essaouira to Safi and 54dh Essaouira to Agadir.


The bus company Supratours connects Essaouira Marrakech, Safi and Agadir. The journey to Marrakech lasts 2 h 30, 15-20 minute break included. Buses are comfortable, in very good condition and the bus generally one-time.

Avis Essaouira Airport

Agency notice Essaouira airport car rental offers a wide range of cars at great rates.


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