Mosque Ben Youssef

  • Place of worship
The 200m2 monument, Mosque Ben Youssef is a place of worship and an important monument in Essaouira.

Agence Urbaine d'Essaouira

  • Public utilities
  • Court and administration
Agence Urbaine Essaouira supervises urbanization projects and development of space for the entire province of Essaouira. It examines, supervises and approves development projects in urban and rural areas. From legal framework, subdivision approval ...

Synagogue Simon Attias

  • Art gallery
  • Monument
  • Cultural center
The Simon Attias Synagogue is named after its builder who constructed the synagogue in the late nineteenth century. Covering an area of 500m2, it has a patio of 40m2 and consists of three floors. The first level is the main entrance with a large ve...

Synagogue Slat Lkahal

  • Monument
  • Place of worship
Slat Lkahal synagogue is situated in the Mellah district of Medina. It was built in 1850 with funds raised during funeral ceremonies by members of the community who would mingle with crowds at funerals . "Slat Lkahal" which means "Synagogue of the co...

Association Darna Essaouira

  • Court and administration
Association Darna Essaouira is a home for orphans in Essaouira. The active association houses the small children, provides meals, medical assistance and equipment for schooling.

Delegation provinciale du Tourisme

  • Tourism office
In full Medina, open to the public, tourists and local, the provincial delegation of tourism of Essaouira is attached to the Ministry of tourism and handicrafts. They include the list of tourist establishments, of the plans and practical information ...